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7PCS Bamboo Cutlery Set

7PCS Bamboo Cutlery Set

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Portable, Reusable, Eco Friendly Bamboo Cutlery set. 

Bamboo is as durable as wood. Long lasting and easy to clean, without any splintering.

Sustainable, Eco friendly, biodegradable 

Comes with pouch, 3 different color pouch options. 

Certification:CE / EU,FDA
Including:Bamboo Spoon,Knife,Fork,Straw,Chopsticks, Straw brush
Bamboo Cutlery Size:20cm
Pouch Colors:Light Green ,Army Green,Creamy-white ,Camouflage
Eco-friendly,Reusable ,Portable

Set Includes:

1PC * Bamboo Spoon

1PC * Bamboo  Fork

1PC * Bamboo  Knife

1Pair * Bamboo Chopsticks

1PC * Bamboo Straw

1PC* Straw Clean Brush

1PC* Cutlery Pouch with Hook


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