15W Solar Panel Kit

15W Solar Panel Kit

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This 15W solar power kit by Sunforce can be used on cars, motorhomes and small boats, providing solid battery charging power for a variety of 12 Volt applications.

An ultra bright blue LED lets you know your panel is operating.

These kits are very simple to install and come with mounting screws and battery clamps and a 7A charge controller.

  • Maintenance free, easy installation.
  • Verify sunlight exposure (and charging operation) by the ultra bright blue LED.
  • Works in all weather conditions.
  • Built-in blocking diode protects against battery discharge.
  • Comes with cigarette lighter adaptor cable, 12ft cable and battery clamps and set of 4 stainless steel screws.
  • Rated at 15W, 1Amp, 15V under ideal conditions.
  • Measures 1800 x 406 x 76mm; weighs 4.9kg.
  • Includes 7Amp controller.


  • 5 year warranty on power output; 1 year warranty on materials.

Solar Panel Kit FAQ's

What type of batteries does this panel charge?

All rechargeable 12V batteries like those used in Cars, Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles and PWC’s.

Can I use this solar panel outdoors?

Yes, this solar panel is weatherproof. The weatherproofing includes UV protection and protects from weather effects of -35°F to 175°F (-37°C to 79°C).

How long does it take to charge a battery?

This solar panel can generate 1 Amp per hour under ideal conditions. For example, under ideal conditions, the panel will generate 15 Watts x 7 hours x 7 days per week for a total of 735 Watts of power. You can connect multiple panels together to decrease overall charging time. By adding a second panel of the same output you will double your output and half the length of the charge time.

How can I run AC appliances with my Solar Power Panel?

You may connect the battery to a power inverter (sold separately) that converts DC power to AC power and run your appliances from the inverter.

Can I overcharge my battery?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to use a 7 Amp Solar Charge Controller to prevent battery from overcharging, this item is sold separately.

Can I extend the wire?

Without loss of power or voltage the 11.5’ wire may be extended to a maximum length of 25’ with 16 gauge wire. Ensure proper connections.

How do I know if the panel is working?

To measure the voltage of the panel use a voltmeter. The voltage reading should be between 16 and 25 Volts in full sun.

Can I start/drive my vehicle while the unit is connected to the battery?

No, for safety reasons please make sure the panel is not in use while you are using your vehicle.

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